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Join up for a Guided Tour

Guided tours are taken  by one of the Brothers.  The tours take about an hour and a half and include the 12th Century Chapel of St James, built over the ancient West Gate of Warwick.  Then you will see the Guildhall – built in 1450 by Neville the Kingmaker, Earl of Warwick.  This contains a wonderful collection of trophies and artifacts brought back by generations of Brothers.

The tour also takes in the Great Hall, with a fabulous Timbered Roof, this was built for celebrations and banquets.  It still is a venue for wonderful parties and wedding receptions all year round.  It continues with the Courtyard in front of the Master’s House and the exquisite Master’s Garden to the rear.

Afterwards you can enjoy delicious coffee, lunch or afternoon tea in the Brethren’s Kitchen.

Tours are by arrangement for large Groups.   However, if you’d like to join on one, just give us a call or drop an email and we can let you know when they are due to take place!  If you are interested in the Masters House we can arrange a special peak  inside if the Master is available.